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Reflections on Agarwood

Poetry of Aloeswood

“…Soft, soft I have made my bed, spread it with embroidered tapestries of Egyptian wool; freshly scented is that bower of mine with Myrrh and Aloes and Cinnamon. Come, let us lose ourselves in dalliance, all the night through, let us enjoy the long desired embrace…”

– Proverbs:7:16-19.

“What wealth of grace is here… no lack of Spikenard or Saffron, of Calamus or Incense tree, of Myrrh… of Aloes or any rarest perfume.”
– Solomon: Song of songs

King Louis XIV of France had his shirts washed in rose water in which Agarwood / Aloeswood had been previously boiled.

The Indian poet Kalidasa once wrote: “Beautiful ladies, preparing themselves for the feast of pleasures, cleanse themselves with the yellow powder of sandal, clear and pure, freshen their breasts with pleasant aromas, and suspend their dark hair in the smoke of burning aloes.”

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