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About Us

We’re dedicated enthusiasts of living a life drenched in the power, beauty, and spiritual connection of the natural world.

Nature’s aromatics are among our favorite experiences.

We hope this site helps you experience more of nature’s beauty.

All About Incense, Oils, & Aromatics

In our universe of human sensory experience, smell plays a most vital role.

Enriching our home and daily life with the enchanting fragrances of nature feeds and nourishes our very being.

This is an educational web site dedicated to living our lives in harmony with nature, specifically through the creative enjoyment of its mystical and sublime aromatics and these timeless ancient traditions of enjoying them.

We make no claims to be experts, masters, or gurus of any kind, nor do we profess in any way to present every method of how to enjoy nature’s aromatics; we simply desire to share with the world what we’ve learned and create a place for it to grow and evolve.

We hope it enables more people to enjoy these simple methods of enriching one’s life and realizing we are nature.

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How To Make Incense

Step-by-step instructions on how to make loose incense, sticks, cones, molds, trails, and kneaded pellets

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Natural Aromatics

The properties & attributes of over 70 natural incense ingredients

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How To Burn Incense

How to heat or burn loose incense, sticks, cones, trails, and kneaded pellets

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