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How To Burn Kneaded Incense Pellets

Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Heat Kneaded Incense Pellets

Incense Pellets (a.k.a. moist incense, awasekē, nerikoh, and bakhoor) are best gently heated and not burned.

Honey, dried fruits, wines, and other ingredients used in pellets give off poor aromas if burned and instead require gentle heating, which can be done in a few ways.

For step by step instructions choose a method below and click on its title.

For information about incense stoves and other types of incense burners, see our incense burners reviews page.


Over an Incense Stove

This is our favorite method

Burning incense on charcoal

Using Incense Charcoal

heating incense kodo style

Kodo Style – Over Mica

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