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Ferula galbaniflua

galbanum resin for incense

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From the vast Fennel genus comes the sacred water soluble Galbanum resin, also called “Mother resin.”

The dark amber colored gum resin is discharged from the roots and lower trunk of this small wild plant.

It originally grew in the Mesopotamia area and was exported to India, China, Israel, and Egypt. Today Iran and Turkey are the primary sources of all Galbanum.

Galbanum is one of the scared ingredients in the old testament incense mixture (Exodus 30:31).

There are two types of galbanum; hard and soft: for perfumery and incense mostly the soft is of interest. It has a consistency somewhat like that of honey, though thicker. The ‘hard’ grade of resin is used primarily for pharmaceutical and industrial purposes.


Family: Apiaceae

Synonyms: Ferula gummosa, Mother resin

Origin: Central Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Southern Russia

Parts Used: oleo gum resin

Aroma Description: powerful, complex, fresh, earthy, rich green, spicy, woody, balsamic-resinous fragrance.

Cosmetic Uses: extensively used in perfumery

Culinary Uses: none known

Medicinal Attributes: used as a stimulant, antiseptic, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory. Used for bronchitis, asthma and externally to treat wounds, ulcers and other skin disorders. Also relieves indigestion and reduces muscle spasms

Essential Oil: Yes, steam and hydro distilled. A highly prized fixative in perfumes. Also, a resinoid is produced using solvent extraction.

Mixes Well With: asafoetida, burgundy pitch, cinnamon, frankincense, galangal, guggul, lavender, musk seeds, myrrh, oakmoss, opoponax, pine needles, rose, rosemary, storax, etc.

Incense Use Tip: Warming Galbanum helps it become more pourable for easier use. Use a non-porous bowl and add it last to a completed ground mixture then knead. Latex gloves can make cleanup much easier after use of this sticky and messy material.

Medical Disclaimer: Information on this web site is for entertainment purposes only. This information is NOT intended as medical advice, or for use as diagnosis or treatment of a health problem, or as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional.


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