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Incense Recipes

Natural Incense Recipes By Attributes

Incense recipes are simple to create and easily designed for the uses you desire.

This section provides step-by-step guides to help anyone make wonderful all-natural incense.

Create incense recipes for meditation and relaxation or for inspiration and creativity. Let the seasons inspire you or tune into nature’s astrological and energetic properties. Cleanse a space to create a healthier living environment, and much more.

The incense recipes table below is where to begin creating your own fantastic blends. Each section includes ingredients that apply and sample recipes to get you started.

Click on any recipe title listed below to begin creating your own incense recipes.

Incense Learning Center

Incense & Essential Oils Products

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Raw Aromatics

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Japanese incense sticks
Japense Incense

Baiedo, Shoyeido, and Others

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Organic Essential Oils

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Learn Aromatherapy

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