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How To Burn Incense

Step-by-Step Instructions

How To Light, Heat, & Burn Incense: Step-by-step

There are many methods of heating or burning natural incense ingredients and mixtures.

The style you choose really depends upon the type of incense you’re heating, the environment you’re in, and the subtlety of the aroma or atmosphere you’re seeking.

For information about various types of incense burners available and their uses, see our incense burners reviews page.

The methods listed below can be used for incense you made or purchased.

For step-by-step instructions on how to burn incense choose a method below and click on its title:


How to burn loose, non-combustible incense

burning incense sticks home

How to burn incense sticks, cones, and molds

Burning incense trails

How to burn incense trails

kneaded incense pellets

How to heat kneaded incense pellets

heating incense kodo style

How to heat incense in the style of Japanese Kodo (Incense Ceremony)

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