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Incense Games

Informal Versions of the Japanese Kodo Ceremony

Japanese Kodo Ceremony – Incense Games

koh symbol in Japanese, meaning incense

Gather your friends and entertain them with the simple yet sublime elegance of nature’s aromatics while celebrating the ancient incense games of Japan, known as Kodo (a.k.a. Koh doh).

Pass a specially prepared incense cup around as participants try to identify the aromas.

Games can be based on seasonal themes, travel, poetry, and more.

Kodo, translated as the way of incense, is a traditional Japanese incense ceremony that relaxes and entertains while sharpening our sense of smell.

Enjoy incense in a whole new way.

We invite you to learn more in our special section on Kodo.

Acknowledgements: My thanks to David Oller (pictured above at right) who taught me everything I know about the Kodo ceremony. David brought Baieido incense from Japan to the USA as its exclusive distributor and played a major role in educating people in the USA about Japanese incense. David has since passed away but we’ll be forever grateful to him for enriching our lives.